• 9KW off grid solar power system
Name:9KW off grid solar power system
Type:Off grid
Max. Power:9000W
Output voltage:110VAC±2/120VAC±2/220VAC±2/240VAC±2/380VAC±2
Lead time:15 days.
Warranty:10 years for the panels; 2 years for other equipment.
Payment terms:T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union

Product Description

  • 9KW off grid solar power system

  •  NO  Item  Description  Quantity
     1  Solar panel(Mono)  250W/30V  36Pcs
     2  PWM solar charge controller  100A/96V  1Pcs
     3  Lead acid battery  250Ah/12V  32Pcs
     4  Inverter  10000W/96V  1Pcs
     5  Solar panel bracket  Pitched / flat roof, ground  1Set
     6  Cable  Single-core 4mm2and 10mm2PV cable  200M
     7  Battery connector  40cm*6mm2 single-core cable  32Pcs
     8  Combiner box  10 inputs 1 output 1Pcs  1Pcs

  • Components

  • Solar panel

  • 1. 3.2mm tempered glass
  • 2. Anti-aging junction box
  • 3. High strength aluminum frame
  • 4. Class A+ Mono&Poly crystalline silicon with latest technology

  • PWM solar charge controller

  • 1.Segmented battery charging management
  • 2.High-precious sensor for temperature compensation
  • 3.Intelligent control with micro-processor and PWM controlling method
  • 4.IGBT,PWM charging mode to control the charging circuit,higher charging efficiency
  • 5. LCD display
  • 6. Built-in lightning protection devices,to protect the equipment from lightning damage 

  • Lead acid battery

    • 1. No electrolyte leakage, battery swelling and cracking under normal use
    • 2. With smooth discharging voltage and mild discharging platform
    • 3. No leakage,swelling or cracking problem after one hour vibration
    • 4. No leakage,swelling or cracking problem after 3 times of dropping.
    • 5. Good resistance to overcharge&overdischarge
    • 6. Good resistance to high current

    • Inverter

    • 1.Turn on automatically under mains power ,wide range of application
    • 2.Wide expanse of input voltage to adapt any electricity situation
    • 3.With pure sine wave AC output and low frequency transformer to ensure the inverter able to be applied for different kinds of load
    • 4.By intelligent LCD to display input voltage,output voltage, frequency,battery capacity,fault,over-load etc
    • 5.Safe use with perfect full protection against battery under-voltage,over-load and short-circuit
    • 6.By setting RS232 communication software program to monotor and automatic timing shutdown the inverter
    • 7.Fast and reliable intelligent charging.Automatically adjust charging current by different battery's capability to help prolong battery working life

    • Solar panel bracket

    •  Packing

    • Sales manager: Neo Au-Yeung
    • Whatsapp(wechat):+0086 15914314453
    • Skype: suntotal02
    • Email:neo@suntotal.cc

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